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  Welcome to our vCare4U website!
Like a scene in the movies "I Not Stupid" by Jack Neo, there are many ways out of the woods. Well-trodden paths may not always lead you to what you are looking for. Keep an open mind, look around you for opportunities and be proactive about evaluting career paths and busines opportunities.
"The middle class saves money and look for job security. The rich invest money and build businesses!"
- Robert Kiyosaki,
Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"
Is your employer or your business going to do well regardless of the economic situation or global competition? Do you have time and financial freedom, or do you feel trapped in the 'rat race'?

Are you being trapped in the following situation?

we are told to study hard and we did.

Gosh! One day our Boss told us they can do without us

We were told to work hard and we did.

Now. We know our lives are very hard.

If you wish to live with a better life, we strongly urge you to invest your time to find out from us what we can offer you. We would love to hear from you and would be most happy to share with you all that we've discovered and experienced through our entrepreneurial endeavour.